* Refund Policy Tournament Including Rainouts *

Once a team makes a payment for the event an automatic administrative fee will be kept by the tournament director regardless of the reason the team has to withdraw from the event. Once the final selection of teams are confirmed online there is no refund awarded if a team drops out of the tournament.

* Refund Policy Tournament *

If a tournament is canceled or games lost the following rules are in effect.

a. If completely washed out and no games played then, teams will be refunded tournament fees minus $50 for administration fees and handling cost.a. Three game guarantee with two completed games becomes a completed tournament with no refund.

b. Three game guarantee with one game being played 50% refund minus $50 administration fees and 2 games played is considered a completed tournament.

c. Four game guarantee will be a completed tournament if you received three games.

d. Four game guarantee with two games completed 50% minus $50 administration fees will be refunded.

e. Four game guarantee with one game completed 75% refunded minus $50 administration fees.

f. Five game guarantee with 3 games completed will be a completed tournament.

g. Five game guarantee with 2 completed games 50% minus $50 administration fees will be refunded.

h. Five game guarantee with 1 game completed 75% refunded minus $50 administartion fees.

i. Six/Seven game guarantee with four games being completed is a completed tournament.

j. Six/Seven game guarantee with three game being played 50% percent refunded minus $50 administration fees.

k. Six /Seven game guarantee with one game completed 75% percent will be refunded.minus $50 administration fees.

The tournament director has the option to change the format of any tournament in case of inclement weather. May but not limited to:

a. Dropping Loser’s Bracket

b. Reducing number of games played

c. Reduce time limits.

d. Reduce number of innings being played.

e. Can start a batter with any count.

f. Drop dead can be used as a last result.

*Cancellation Policy*

Cancellation Policy Camps
Cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Must be requested via email

  • Cancellation requests will be honored, less a $50 administrative fee, up to two weeks in advance of camp start date.

  • Within two weeks of camp, no refunds will be given for any situation.  Camp cost may be transferred to a future camp of your choosing, less a $50 administrative fee.

*Rain Out Policy*

Rain Out Policy Camps

  • If camp is cancelled by One After Seven Events due to rain you will be offered a credit towards another 1 after 7 events camp or refund minus a $50 administrative fee.



If your team has registered and paid for the 2020 FIFTH ANNUAL TOP 50 SHOWCASE and VETTE CITY SUMMER SHOWCASE  and you are now not planning to attend, your best option to get full value from your Entry Fee is to receive a 100% credit to be used in part or in full for future ONE AFTER SEVEN EVENTS TOURNAMENT. This 100% credit can also be passed along to another team in your club for the 2020 Fifth Annual Top 50 Showcase and Vette City Summer Showcase events or for a future One After Seven Events tournament.


We appreciate your financial cooperation and understanding in this unprecedented time. The production of the Top 50 Showcase and Vette City Summer Showcase event is roughly a 7 month process with significant operating costs associated throughout that time. 


**If your team has suffered extraordinary negative impacts or hardships due to Covid-19, please contact us directly at to discuss your team’s situation.