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* Refund Policy

Tournament Including Rainouts: *

  • If you enter* and the entire tournament is cancelled due to rain or some other unforeseen event, we will issue you a refund by credit card or check. One-half (1/2) of your paid entry fee may be refunded. The other one-half(1/2) of your paid entry fee will be non-refundable, due to pre-tournament incurred expenses. The non-refundable amount may increase at the sole discretion of the tournament directors, depending upon incurred costs for that tournament.

  • If you withdraw from the tournament for any reason, after the schedule has been posted on the Premier Girls Fastpitch web site, your fees will be totally nonrefundable."

**Exception #1: If you enter but we cannot fit your team into the tournament you can receive a refund, by credit card or check, for the total amount you paid or, upon tournament director approval, you may apply the total amount to another tournament within that calendar year. Note: We now make it a practice to not carryover entry fees from one tournament to another. It creates a record keeping nightmare. However, some special circumstances may apply.

**Exception #2: Per our accountant, any amounts owed to a team must be refunded, if not applied to another current year tournament, by the end of each calendar year. We cannot carryover credits from one year to the next.

4 or 5 Game Guarantee 2 games played is considered a full tournament

2 or 3 Game Guarantee 1 complete game is considered a full tournament

Round Robins:

1 complete game is considered a full day

If a tournament is canceled or games lost the following rules are in effect.

If completely washed out and no games played then, teams will be refunded tournament fees minus 20% for administration fees and handling cost.

a. Three game guarantee with two completed games becomes a completed tournament with no refund.

b. Four game guarantee will be a completed tournament if you received two games.

c. Four game guarantee with one game completed 50% minus 20% administration fees will be refunded.

d. Four game guarantee with one game completed 75% refunded minus 20% administration fees.

e. Five game guarantee with 3 games completed will be a completed tournament.

f. Five game guarantee with 2 completed games 50% minus 20% administration fees will be refunded.

g. Five game guarantee with 1 game completed 75% refunded minus 20% administration fees.

h. Six/Seven game guarantee with four games being completed is a completed tournament.

i. Six/Seven game guarantee with three game being played 50% percent refunded minus 20% administration fees.

j. Six /Seven game guarantee with one game completed 75% percent will be refunded minus 20% administration fees.

The tournament director has the option to change the format of any tournament in case of inclement weather. May but not limited to:

a. Dropping Loser’s Bracket

b. Reducing number of games played

c. Reduce time limits.

d. Reduce number of innings being played.

e. Can start a batter with any count.

f. Drop dead can be used as a last result.

*Cancellation Policy*

Cancellation Policy Camps
Cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Must be requested via email

  • Cancellation requests will be honored, less a $50 administrative fee, up to two weeks in advance of camp start date.

  • Within two weeks of camp, no refunds will be given for any situation.  Camp cost may be transferred to a future camp of your choosing, less a $50 administrative fee.

Rain Out Policy Camps:

  • If camp is cancelled by One After Seven Events due to rain you will be offered a credit towards another 1 after 7 events camp or refund minus a $50 administrative fee.



If your team has registered and paid for any Tournament/Showcase  and you are now not planning to attend, your best option to get full value from your Entry Fee is to receive a 100% credit to be used in part or in full for future ONE AFTER SEVEN EVENTS TOURNAMENT. This 100% credit can also be passed along to another team in your club or for a future One After Seven Events tournament.


We appreciate your financial cooperation and understanding in these unprecedented time. 


**If your team has suffered extraordinary negative impacts or hardships due to a Pandemic, please contact us directly at to discuss your team’s situation. 


      NO REFUNDS FOR SPECIAL EVENTS i.e. concert/entertainment - coaches clinics - parent clinics

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